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SocialFuse helps you get REAL followers and engagement ORGANICALLY on your Instagram profile(s) while you sleep! Stop being basic and start being awesome.

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Boost your Instagram Followers with SocialFuse

Our service automatically follows other Instagram users based on certain targeting criteria. Target by keywords found in user's bio, followers of influential users, the locations people tag, or the hashtags they use. The more you interact with Instagram users who are interested in the same content as you, and the better your content quality, the higher the chance that these people will follow you back!

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Setup is easy, simply go to the pricing page and choose the plan that’s right for you. Once you do, you will be directed to your dashboard where you can set up, coordinate, and launch your campaigns!



You can target and automatically follow other Instagram users and their content based on specific hashtags, certain keywords found in their pofile's 'bio' section, specific accounts, and those who share content at specific locations. If you have signed up to a premium or pro level membership, Social Fuse's social media marketing experts will be in touch with you to go over your goals and objectives to help maximize the effectiveness of your content and marketing strategy!



SocialFuse will automate your liking activities based on your targeting and filter options. People will notice your account through notifications and interact and follow you if they like your content. This is one of the most effective ways to grow on Instagram. Our dedicated support team will make sure your campaigns are optimized for best results.



We keep track of how many new genuine followers you get using our service every day. Once you’re logged in to your dashboard, you will have a reporting interface that shows your performance and results. Review and tweak the settings at the guidance of one of our experts!

Why Do I Need More Instagram Followers?

That’s Why.


There are a variety of ways to make money with your Instagram page, but one thing is for certain: You need to have a large audience! Companies are always on the lookout for new influencer opportunities, but they will only want to partner with someone who has a sizable and active following.


Luckily for you, Social Fuse has the solution. Our clients can expect to gain up to 20,000 followers within the first year of using our service. With a fan base that substantial, your brand recognition, sales, and affiliate opportunities will skyrocket without a doubt!



An Instagram profile with 20k followers can earn up to $150 for each sponsored post, not to mention the potential for lucrative, long-term partnerships.


An Instagram profile with 20k followers can leave up to 8,000 impressions for each profile post, which is roughly the equivalent of spending $65 on advertising.


An Instagram profile with 20k followers can yield up to 200 clicks for each Story posted with a swipe up link. Considering IG ads usually cost around a dollar per click-through, it’s like spending $200 on advertising every time you post an IG Story!

Turn your Instagram into a money making powerhouse

Profit with Social Fuse:

With 20,000 followers, the potential for yearly revenue is pretty outstanding.

To keep things simple, let’s say on average you post 4 times per day: 2 personal posts, 1 Instagram story, and 1 sponsored shoutout.
That would be an annual total of 1095 profile posts (365 of which are sponsored), and 365 story posts.

Shoutout Revenue:
365 Sponsored Posts x $150 Per Shoutout
= $54,750

Profile Post Advertising Value:
1095 Total Profile Posts x $65 Advertising Value Per Post
= $71,175

Instagram Story Advertising Value:
365 Instagram Stories x $200 Advertising Value Per Story
= $73,000

POTENTIAL REVENUE: $198,925 Per Year!

That’s right. You could be making 6 figures a year from a single Instagram account…

It’s Like Owning A Personal Money Printing Machine!

Dominate your niche. Expand your horizons.

Reach The Right People With SocialFuse

Instagram is a diverse community with over 1 BILLION active users. With our service, you can target any type of user from any industry. Wether you're an individual, a business, or an influencer, our targeted growth will help you reach your goals of dominating your industry!

automotive niche
fitness niche
pets niche
fashion niche
food niche
travel niche
modeling niche
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art niche

We work with celebrities, brand names, startups, and everyday people who want to grow their Instagram followers. That’s our special sauce — real Instagram followers. There are tons of other sites out there that allow you to buy followers, but they’re usually fake followers. With SocialFuse, you’re connecting with real Instagram users. Our service helps you to build brand loyalty, make new friends, and maintain a healthy and active Instagram account. 100% guaranteed!

As a YouTube content creator, my #1 priority is engaging with fans and as a one-woman show, it’s hard for me to do so on Instagram, as well. SocialFuse has not only helped me be able to constantly engage with my fans, but it has also attracted new ones! The automated service is so easy to use, and all the followers I gain daily are 100% real, targeted users, which is so nice. My Instagram has grown immensely and my fans are so happy that I’m able to talk to them more easily! 10/10 recommend.

We've been able to take our business to bigger levels with the help of SocialFuse. We've been with them since the beginning, along the way, they've been able to provide us with excellent customer support. Highly recommend these guys.

Thank you SocialFuse! Getting our Instagram launched would have been so much harder without your help. We’ve already been able to convert new followers into customers and we’re just getting started. Stamp of approval from us!

Being a dog is a tough job. It's even tougher getting followers for a canine like myself, with SocialFuse they make it super easy to target users who are interested in specific breeds! I'm seeing INSANE growth and couldnt' be more happier with their services.

I am a VERY happy camper! I have tried SIX other Instagram automation services and none of them did as promised. I have made great connections with people in my industry (photography) and my engagements and followers continue to grow every single day.

SOCIALFUSE's service on our Instagram account (@nanopharm.cbd) has made a HUGE difference to our customer reach. SocialFuse has gained us more followers in a few days than we gained over months and they were easily able to cater to our specific target audience and attract followers that would buy our products. If you're a small business looking to take your customer base to the next level, I wouldn't hesitate to reach out to these guys.

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