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SocialFuse Reviews

Growing your Instagram profile with a smile is what we do. But don't just take our word for it, see what our customers have to say about SocialFuse!

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As a YouTube content creator, my #1 priority is engaging with fans and as a one-woman show, it’s hard for me to do so on Instagram, as well. SocialFuse has not only helped me be able to constantly engage with my fans, but it has also attracted new ones! The automated service is so easy to use, and all the followers I gain daily are 100% real, targeted users, which is so nice. My Instagram has grown immensely and my fans are so happy that I’m able to talk to them more easily! 10/10 recommend.

The great thing about Social Fuse is that its user friendly! All it takes is you posting your content to Instagram, then Social Fuse does the rest. Customizing options is a piece of cake. You can edit tags, or emphasize certain brands or relevant high profile IG users to reach your target audience. If I had questions about an option, or about the function and optimization of my account, I would get a response almost instantly from one of the agents available 24/7 through live chat. I am gaining followers by the hundreds almost daily. The best part about it is that I am getting job offers that I wasn’t getting before. To anyone looking to take their Instagram profile to the next level, I would definitely recommend Social Fuse.

Super happy with the results we're seeing working with the SocialFuse team. Would recommended to anyone.

We’re so thankful for the time and attention Social Fuse has put into ensuring they find followers who are unique and genuinely interested in our Posh Army Brand! With IG profiles a dime a dozen – it takes time and expertise to forge community around Instagram content. Social Fuse quickly understood our brand and have seamlessly targeted IG profiles of our intended customer base. I can’t say that we’re surprised, because we’ve seen first hand how great they are at what they do!

Kera McCain,
Co-Founder, Posh Army

10/10 would recommend.

Socialfuse helps target real people who are of value to your brand and it actually works... I no longer have to spend hours upon hours trying to gain followers for my clients. Socialfuse does it for me!

SocialFUSE has created a network for my business that lets the right people know I'm here, when they otherwise would have never heard of my company.

SOCIAL FUSE SAVED MY BUSINESS/BRAND. I’m so appreciative of the time I took out to learn more about what I can do to expand my brand and get it noticed via my social media. Social Fuse reached out and asked me to take a look at the opportunity to get more than what I already have. They weren’t over the top with trying to get my business and that’s what made me pause and check it out. I needed this in my life. It was something I had put off for a while as I’m not only the CEO of my company but wear many other hats as well. Social Fuse staff educated me on their program and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve only been on board with Social Fuse for a week now but already have over 100 new real and engaged followers. Now I’m sharing my experience with the world because some businesses are worthy of it. Social Fuse is one of those businesses. I thank the staff (Jimmy, Liam, and Halle), whom made it happen for my business. I couldn’t be happier and I highly recommend Social Fuse!!

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